Reasons Clients Choose CMRA

  1. Experience Matters. We have been in the risk advisory business for almost 20 years
  2. Our Partners each have over 30 years of experience that combines front line derivatives and structured finance expertise with academic credentials and advisory and testifying experience.
  3. We combine our quantitative skills with creative, out-of-the-box thinking.
  4. Our clients get the committed attention of our exceptionally experienced partners. Each project is staffed by one or more partners who are the primary interface and lead consultant or expert on each project.
  5. We merge the wisdom of working through the previous crises in 1987, 1994 and 1998 as practitioners, risk advisors, and experts in litigation with the up-to-date knowledge garnered by our active risk advisory practice coupled with our Board service experience.
  6. We use our extensive experience with quantitative and communication skills to effectively "translate" complex issues for Boards and courts. We are equally fluent in the language of quants, the language of the court, and the language of the boardroom.
  7. We are not opinions for hire. We are selective in our assignments.
  8. The lessons we have learned from conducting investigations, post-mortems, and as experts in disputes and litigation, inform our unique approach to risk advisory and avoiding problems.
  9. Our experience as risk advisors, traders, treasurers, structurers, risk management, portfolio management, directors and risk and corporate governance experts complements our experience writing expert reports and testifying.
  10. We have clients on both the buy side and the sell side as well as regulators, so we have a deep and unusual understanding of various perspectives.
  11. Our extensive participation in industry initiatives over more than 2 decades that has included the International Swaps and Derivative Association (ISDA), the International Association of Financial Engineers( IAFE), the Alternative Investment Management Association)(AIMA) the Mutual Fund Directors Forum (MFDF) , the Buy Side Risk Managers Forum (BSRMF), the PRMIA CRO Group, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, and the Securitization Round Table among others has allowed us to impact the shape of the industry as well as to develop an extraordinary "network".